ECCO: Quality of pathology support for IBD services

Dear ECCO Members,


The histopathologists of the H-ECCO Working Group have several aims, including the improvement of pathology support for IBD services in Europe. Anecdotal evidence indicates variation in the extent and quality of histopathology facilities within the ECCO area. By completing this survey you will provide useful and reliable information that will allow the identification of gaps in histopathology services and in related education and research. This should facilitate further efforts to provide high quality pathology support across the ECCO area.


Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey.


Kind regards,


H-ECCO Working Group


Please note: As a thank-you incentive for all survey participants throughout the year, you are invited to submit your email address for a lottery drawing of  3 x ECCO'19 Interaction Tickets.